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We have extensive and wide ranging international experience in the insurance industry as outlined below with a focus on:-



We have an extensive range of training courses and programs available and our founder Patrick Downey has also entered into an arrangement with the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance (ANZIIF) a recognized provider of professional services with certifications for the insurance industry with significant expansion throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

The ANZIIF arrangement will also result in collaboration in respect to conferences, seminars and training workshops for both insurance and risk management.

Further Cooperation

Our range of insurance services also includes cooperation with a number of regional service providers including and the outstanding Sales Coaching Online program developed by Bruce King best selling author of “How to Double Your Sales” and owner of Out’a the Box Marketing Ltd.


We also have good working relationships with a number of insurance service providers across Asia, and our TRAINING for SUCCESS is based on the following principles:-

  1. To maximize training outcomes there must be an identified and measurable objective;
  2. That the training must be practical, understandable & enjoyable;
  3. The focus must be on transferring the new or revised competencies, knowledge and skills to the workplace.
  4. There must be an evaluation process or performance management system in place to review the training outcomes and results.




This program has been designed, developed and proven to assist insurance companies to predict the sales potential of their new agents and salespersons. Furthermore, it places them in the best position to make the right selections of people for their sales force. It also provides information and assistance in:-

  • Attracting predictably good performers to join the sales team;
  • The conduct of interviews of potential agent/advisor candidates;
  • The career path management and development of selected candidates.

Why is this important? Companies in the Asian life insurance industry spend a very significant amount of time and money in recruiting, selecting and training new agents. Research indicates that at very best as few as 25% to 30% of these progress to becoming successful or long term career agents/advisors/salespersons, whether on a full or part time basis.

The hidden cost of recruiting, selection, inducting and training these under-performing agents is enormous.  This particularly applies in developing and emerging Asian markets.  Even worse is the number of inappropriate sales made by these under-performers, and the bad reputation this lack of professionalism creates for the insurance industry.

 The retention rate is likewise relatively poor thus adding to costs, particularly as lapsed policies and low persistency issues can normally be identified against below average performing agents. Accordingly, there is a major advantage in selection being based on good sales potential predictability – and with this system you have the best predictor available.

The highly sophisticated technology ensures a fast turnaround of information.  Furthermore, this program has been tested and proven and has produced sales predictions which are in excess of 600% more accurate than the most internationally used assessment tool in the insurance industry.

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