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AsiaIDA provides the following “MUCH BETTER THAN GOOD” services either direct or in conjunction with its Business Cooperation Partners:-

  • Coaching & Mentoring – essentially in support of all of our services where individual coaching & mentoring can help develop strengths, reduce or eliminate weaknesses and significantly assist in maximizing productivity, performance and overall potential.
  • Consulting - based on extensive international business & management experience, and supported by our business cooperation partners particularly BDA and Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions in respect to HR management, TATC for  insurance and BDA and Palladium Group for Strategic Planning and related activities and functions.
  • Human Resources Management – provided with the specific support of BDA our Vietnam representative which in turn now represents Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) the leading international HR management assessment entity.
  • Insurance Industry Services – this service has been expanded by our business cooperation with IIAP and TATC as listed below for coverage of both the life,non-life and bancassurance sectors. We also provide a special and proven program to predict the sales performance of new insurance agents and salespersons.
  • Training – we provide an expanded range of training as a result of our business cooperation arrangements with associates.  Further expansion is anticipated early in 2018 with the planned launch of an internationally recognized professional certification designation program for the financial services sector.  Negotiations are  also well advanced to introduce selected online and blended learning sales and marketing and leadership and management courses designed and developed by Kirana Education of Australia to meet regional professional needs.
  • Spoken English learning is also available via our BDA associate company who represent YES! That’s Easy the best, quickest and most economical way to for non-native English speakers to learn to speak English.

Our services have been strengthened by alignments with business associates as detailed in the News & Media section.

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