Coaching & Mentoring


The world’s leading sporting personnel all get coaching & mentoring, as do most of the successful business leaders.  Similarly, many of the leading books on training, development and setting goals for success advocate this as virtually essential for maximization of potential.  So the question is - What are you waiting for???

Our coaching and mentoring is based firstly on many years of consulting plus extensive leadership, management and training experience up to CEO and Directorship levels.  This covers 25 years in Asia, and a wide range of industries.  It is also strongly supported by relationship with organizations such as Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS), the international leader in HR assessments, the Palladium Group, founded and owned by Drs Kaplan & Norton the creators of Balanced Scorecard.  They are also recognized as two of the most influential management thinkers in the last 60 years.

Our coaches and mentors gain considerable satisfaction from working with others to help them maximize their strengths and eliminate or reduce work related shortcomings.  This takes the form of  reviewing, analysing and evaluating situations through the use of experience, knowledge, skills and techniques, and then working together to determine the appropriate and best course of action.

These coaching and mentoring services can be provided as a personal development program, or as a component of an organizational group development program. Likewise they can also be provided to assist in identifying how to maximise personal strengths and overcome weaknesses in a new or changed role/position or a new business environment.

A further use is in assisting to overcome or solve personal challenges or issues having a detrimental effect on work performance. These situation can arise from a whole range of personal situations and happenings, completely unrelated to a person’s work environment.

A high degree of confidentiality and integrity is an integral component our services, and special arrangements are available to organizations when covering a number of employees.

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